“I liked the way APS handled my situation on today, it’s like they worked for what I wanted and it was fair. There were some misunderstandings and everything was cleared up and it worked out for APS and me. The next time if it happens; it will work out better.”
A. Husband

“They are always true to their clients. They have always been there for me through the mishaps I have had with the IRS. I don’t worry when they are handling my case because they have always straightened things out and made me a well satisfied client in the end.”
B. Reed

“I didn’t have to go through the hassle myself. They took care of everything. I loved how my audit assistant took care of my needs and kept me updated on my case. I also liked the day the accountant side helped APS have a victory for me. Thanks so much APS!!!!!!”
B. Rand

“The warm and kind way that my audit assistant handled my case. I was in such a stressful situation and she made me feel like it would be ok and it was. I would say that APS treated me like I mattered and that my situation was in good hands. I did not have to worry about anything once I came to them for help and I really thank you for that!”
C. & T. Hales

“The service is fast. The IRS, on the other hand, was the slowest in this procedure. They worked diligently and hard to get my refund after I provided the additional information they needed to get my refund.”
C. Ducksworth

“I liked that they got the job done. I had trouble with someone else doing my taxes but when I brought the matter to APS they handled business and that is what I liked about APS.”
C. Hall

“I liked that I finally received my money it was very helpful. I got my money in the end and that made me happy.”
D. McDonald

“They did what they said they would and could do. This was an unexpected experience for me dealing with the IRS but APS explained everything and I was able to understand”
E. Worsham

“They got my money!!!!!!!! APS did an excellent job working my case. I worked with them to get the information needed as quickly as possible every time they called me to bring in some information. It was resolved quickly. They are the best people to go to, and they will work with you on or off the clock.”
J. Husband

“This is not the first audit process I had been through and the audit assistant just amazes me more each time. She just has the friendliest attitude. The service is great and I like the way she keeps me updated. Overall it releases my stress!!!!!!”
M. Rogers

“I liked the personal service, everybody is very kind, nice and helpful and I really thank you for the help!”
M. Walley

“I was stressed to the max about the IRS audit deal but my case worker assured me things would workout in my favor because they have cleared so many cases up similar to mine and they did a good job. Letting APS handle my case was the greatest thing I ever done. If I had to do it all over again they would be my first choice.”
O. Williams

“I liked the good job that was done on my case. My audit assistant really helped me and was very friendly. I loved also that they got my money! I want to say that this was a long time coming but the end was a blessing. APS got me my money!”
R. Plummer

“I liked the expertise, straight forwardness and great recommendations. They were able to correct the problems and give advice for the future and were very knowledgeable of the tax laws and were one on one at all times.”
R. Walker

“They took care of all paper work and got my money for me. I have been dealing with this company for a long time and I really respect how you guys operate. I was handled with respect and you got me the results I needed. Thanks APS!”
S. Mayes

“My audit assistant went above and beyond to get me all my money back. She did not quit on me and I thank her and APS for the hard work. I was so happy and blessed to have a company like APS help me when I really needed my money. My audit assistant told me not to worry that they would take care of me and that is exactly what they did. If you have a problem with the IRS I highly recommend you come to APS for help!”
T. Hawkins

“I liked the feeling of being heard and understood. I talked to my audit assistant and explained to her what was happening and she took it from there. I did not have to worry about the job getting done. They have great service! The service was great all the way around and I would recommend anyone to use your service.”
W. & M. McGill

“I am greatly shocked and surprised. I didn’t think I was getting a refund, but after dealing with Audit Protection Services, I received my check on 10/19/12. All smiles for Audit Protection Services. Great services at APS. Best place to go to if you get audited…”
B. Crosby

“I was updated on everything that was going on. Even when I didn’t understand, APS was there to explain and let me know the IRS could be a pain but to be patient and they would get the job done. And that they did. APS really made me feel at peace at what was going on. With the IRS, they made it seem harsh but with APS on my team God has really blessed this company.”
D. Peavy

“They secured my funds. I had given up hope in other words but my money did come at a great time so I appreciate Audit Protection Services.”
D. Jones

“They got me my check! All in one great service and job well done. A company of their word! Professional, friendly and overall a good service.”
K. Johnson

“I love everything about APS! This was my second time being audited. APS has been a great service for me. I will continue to serve the same place of business because if something goes wrong, they don’t just forget about you; they are all about helping you.”
K. Moffett

 “They have always taken care of me. This is my second year to be audited. I have much faith in APS. I bring them what they need, sit back and relax until they call and say “hey Mr. Murry we have a check for you.” APS is like Richard Schwartz -just one phone call away. I greatly appreciate APS.”
S. Murry

“They are efficient, thorough, and very informative. They always knew the status of my audit. They saved me thousands of dollars and I would recommend APS to everyone.” Go APS!!!
T. Earl

They keep you posted and updated. It was kind of like a bad experience. This was my first time filing and I had to get AUDITED!!!! I lost hope and didn’t think I was going to get my money. But I waited, waited, and waited and finally got a phone call before I went to work and it was so exciting because an APS representative called me and told me my check was there.”
T. Armstrong

“When I was introduced to APS, I really admired their attitude and how they made me feel comfortable. APS made me the happiest lady in 2011 when they called me to inform me that my check had come in.”
S. Carter

"Good communication and updates on the audit. APS was great on this information and responding to us in a timely matter on our issues. Best experience ever with this company. If I am ever audited again I will return every year for this great service. Thank you APS."
R. Roberts

"Everything. All in one; great service and a job well done; a company of their word!"
C. Sargeant

"The Services was great and the people are wonderful. I wasn’t stressing about the issues because I knew APS would take care of it. I am sending a very special thanks to Management and their team. The experience was worth the wait. The patience it takes to put up with the IRS, APS has it and they have been a company of their own word from the beginning to the end. This is a job well done I am very blessed."
B. Reed

"APS was great with communication and explaining things I didn’t understand and with their help they made things clear and understandable in a professional way. I have been a long term client with APS and when I came to them with this problem from the IRS they resolved it with no hesitation.”
J. Mclaugnlin

"Service was great. Prompt and clearly understandable."
J. WIlliamson

"APS do what they say and go out their way to help their clients. The other tax office only wanted my money. APS is about business and helping their clients and working with us. They make us understand the problem they just go all out for their clients and I love that about APS. Have referred new people and will continue to spread this wonderful experience that I shared with APS on handling all my tax needs."
G. Walker

"Communication was the best overall through the entire process. APS has really been a blessing. I am very grateful for the feedback and quick responses I received with my audit. If I had it all to do over I would choose APS again. Great staff and their service was truly a blessing."
L. Fletcher

"Getting the job done! The most important thing is that I was in a bind and APS cleared me up. If you need some quality work done, APS are the people to do it."
K. Jones

"I feel they did a great job, thanks!"
J. Evans

"APS is hands on and they have the ability to serve their clients well. It's hard dealing with the IRS alone but with APS's help, it made the process possible and a lot easier."
G. Gray

"Service well done, great job! I would recommend everyone that I know having IRS problems to contact APS. They will get the job done."
A. Ellis

"Having good contact was the most important thing for me. APS has made it their business to keep me as a long term client; they are always there from start to finish. I am a happy client thanks to APS."
C. Strickland

"APS is very thorough when dealing with my tax needs.
D. Ellzey

"APS cleared up my audit, they were very patient. At first I didn't think I would ever get a refund but APS was very confident that they could help me. APS got the job done and I received my refund. My advice is to purchase audit protection because it is well worth it."
S. Murry

"The environment was very friendly and they were all so helpful. APS answered my questions and I received responses quickly. I brought in all the necessary information as asked and they took it from there. I am a life long client and will continue to refer others to APS."
A. Malone

"This is a wonderful place! They take up a lot of time to help you with all your tax issues."
R. Russell

"I love the excellent and friendly service that you receive at APS. Thank God for APS, I knew the outcome was going to be great! "
L. Jones

"The way they got my audit together, this is a good company to deal with."
K. Malley

"The way they stick their neck out to help and satisfy their clients. Honestly, at first I thought it was a joke and that I would never receive a refund, soon I received a call from APS telling me to come and pick up my check. I knew then APS was the place to do my business."
J. Lockett

"The experience was good, I love the way APS treat their clients. I am very well pleased with the staff and the service I received."
D. Patrick

“I love APS; what a great job this company did for me! I appreciate their hard work and dedication."
F. Martin

"APS is wonderful. I have been recommending family and friends to use them for years. I'm just speechless; APS does such a great job! I could go on and on….the personality of the employees and how well they took care of my business, it just makes them an overall great company."
M. Rogers

"I like the professional service and concern that APS provided. I brought my information in to them; they got to work and processed my return quickly."
K. Hair

"APS is a great company. They provided me with great service with their knowledgeable employees. They are all about their business."
C. Arrington

"They care! They are very responsible and professional when handling business for their clients. I liked the fact that they really cared about me and kept me informed. I appreciated staff; they really worked as a team."
B. Williams

“Communication, they always keep you updated on your case. APS did a great job on my audit case and I don’t think it could have been done by a better service.”
D. Odom

“When I thought I wasn’t going to receive anything APS gave me results. They work with you, they have patience, and they get you results.
J. Cooley

“It was done in a timely manner. I was excited, I thought I wasn’t entitled to receive a refund for 2011 because of my 2009 IRS issues; but I’m glad to say APS saved the day. I received money instead of losing money.”
N. Collins

“APS will go a long way with you. They keep trying until it’s done. This has been a blessing to me and my family. Without APS, I don’t think this dream would have come true. Thanks to my audit assistant and the enrolled agent in charge I am very pleased with my outcome.”
L. Howard

“They never stopped until the problem was solved. All in one great service”
D. Mcdougle

“I like the fact that you guys gave me a second chance to clear this up. I reflect upon my previous issues and I felt like it was hopeless and I wasn’t going to get my refund and you rescued me, and kept me updated every month with audit issues.”
J. Rayford

“The friendly customer service of the audit staff. It was worth the wait and when I got that call I actually got my money it put a smile on my face. I stated that I was going to give up but I am glad I didn’t. I was happy to find out about APS.”
L. Roberts

“I think that APS is very professional and was good in communicating everything that I would need to know. I tried to work with the government myself and I was told that they couldn’t help me, but when I was represented by APS they got the job done.”
G. Coleman

“They were able bring my situation to a close. Good for unexpected audits. It was a relief to know that I had experienced individuals handling my case, that way I didn’t have to stress or worry about my situation with the IRS.”
L. Barnes

“The staff was really good with following up.”
Asman Inc.

“The employees seem to be well versed and know the tax laws very well. Great communication, repore, always friendly and prompt. I greatly enjoyed the experience with APS and the fact that they handled my case with professionalism, confidentiality, and I was left with a better knowledge of tax codes and laws. Great job!! ”
C. Starr

“This was a new experience for me dealing with the IRS but I gave it over to APS and their team took care of it. All I had to do was be patient; I especially liked the friendly customer service and timely updates.”
J. Oliver

“Did a good job on handling it and got it done quickly. I liked the way my audit assistant got right on the case, especially after we were told that there was nothing that could be done about my case. She did a great job, kept me informed; and the money was right on time too. Thanks so much I really appreciate APS.”
K. Price

“We liked how well they handled our case, communication was good and we were never left in the dark about what was going on. It was an awesome experience; APS handled it reasonably quick. We don’t owe anyone, so that’s # 1. APS is very professional; their employees are friendly and pleasant. I would recommend everyone to this company.”
M. & K. Brady

“I enjoyed the friendly customer service and relief from worry. It was like from dark to day light. The relief from having the IRS hanging over me was wonderful.”
M. Tyson

“The friendly customer service and the wonderful connection with my audit assistant; the constant connection and easy access. APS changed my life. It opened up doors for me to move past this issue with the IRS and it was stress free for me and I really appreciate APS and would recommend this company to anybody that is going through what I went through. God Bless you guys for helping me!”
P. Reed

“I loved the fact they were successful in getting my case resolved. I would say if you want your issues resolved with the IRS call APS!!!”
A. Clark

“I liked the constant updates and the fact that they were able to win my case for me. I’m just happy I got a refund, they did a great job with my case.”
C. Arrington

“They are good and worked to resolve the problem and worked to get all the information to win the case. It was excellent service, I recommended some of my co-workers because they are having IRS troubles and I told them if you want it done right call Audit Protection Services because they will get it done.”
C. Randall

“I like how they get the job done and they take the pressure off of me. I was able to be stress free throughout the whole process. “If you get audited, come to the professionals!”
C. Bluitt

“The main thing is they got me my money and the next thing has to be my audit assistant she went above and beyond for me and I thank you guys for working so hard to win my case. . I would say that this company will get the job done. They are good at what they do and I am very happy with the results that I received!”
D. Johnson

“I was happy just to get this resolved.”
E. Winfield

“Simplicity. No hassle on phone calls or emails. Easy to work with my audit assistant, she was a sweetheart. So easy to work with. Saved me thousands. I would recommend this company to anyone having tax issues. They lowered my tax debt and even got me a refund for one of the years. So glad we chose them.”
I. & W. Collins

“I liked that I didn’t have to stress or do anything.”
J. Hutto

“My audit assistant was on point. She updated me and she worked hard on my case. She was a blessing! I cannot begin to explain how happy I am. I want to get out this chair and shout! This company went above and beyond to help me!”
J. Westbrook

“They were there and they got the job done. I will tell everybody they better get it! The experience was long but as long as I got results I was happy! I will tell anybody that is going through this to stay prayed up and to persevere.”
J. Graham

“We liked the consistency of the company & employees and our ability to always get updated information. Audit Protection Services gave us resolution and closure to a pressure situation.”
J. & P. Williams

“The company has great follow up and detailed research. We’re happy APS was able to resolve this outstanding issue.”
J. & J. Jarrett

“The way my audit assistant kept me updated even if she couldn’t reach by phone, she would send me a text on Facebook. She even went out her way to make sure I was satisfied. I was more than satisfied. Honestly, I had gave up because it has been two years or longer since I’ve been waiting on something to happen with this audit. But patiently I waited on her to contact me, but when she came to see me to tell me that we have finally got word from the IRS saying they had approved my case. I was shocked and God was right on time.”
J. Spivey

“I’m inviting everyone that get audited. They did all the dirty work and I didn’t!”
L. Lott

“I appreciated that your company worked so diligently to get my money back for me. It was truly a great surprise. It’s never too late to get results…thanks APS!!!”
M. Miller

“APS takes care of everything. I like how they handled my case and kept me updated. I will refer people to use APS and to purchase the audit shield.”
M. Wade

“The communication that my Audit Assistant had with me. She kept me informed and I could call her any time and she would take out time to talk to me and help me. I was so lost when I was recommended to APS, the IRS was leaning on me hard and I did not know what I was going to do but as soon as I contacted your company my worries stopped and you guys took care of it all. I was kept up to date on my case and I just didn’t have to worry about it anymore. I am so happy that I came to APS.”
P. Turnage

“Communication and the results; I would say that you handled my case and I did not have to worry about anything. As soon as, you had news you called and updated me. I was very happy with the work.”
R. Dotson

“It helped me with the audit that I needed with the tax return and it cleared the Audit! The services was really good! I was grateful that APS helped me with the situation!”
R. Clayton

“I liked the updates and the reliability of the company as well as my audit assistant always going above and beyond by handling things on my case even when she wasn’t in the office. I would just like to say that I appreciate the hard work the company did on my behalf.”
T. Jones