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Are you a tax professional tired of dealing with the hassles and complexity of your clients IRS Issues? Every year it appears that more and more individuals and businesses are being audited by the Internal Revenue Service or State taxing authority with tax related issues:

IRS issues may be complex and time consuming. As a tax professional, you may or may not be aware of the correct procedures on how to represent your clients before the Internal Revenue Service or local tax authority.

As licensed tax professionals to practice before the Internal Revenue Service, our firm has over 45 years of combined experience with dealing with all types of complex tax issues. Our firm can help your clients resolve their IRS or State Agency issues.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to increase your revenue during tax season by at least 20% without spending any extra money on advertising?
  • Do you fear losing your clients because you do not have the time or knowledge to assist them in resolving their IRS issues?
  • Have you tried resolving the issue before but had no luck and needed a second opinion?

Tax ProfessionalsIf your answer is “yes” to any of these questions then we can help!! We have secured several engagements with Tax Professionals across the country assisting them in resolving their clients’ issues but more importantly helping them generate more revenue. Audit Protection Services has experience and knowledge in the areas of: Earned Income Credit Audits; Schedule C Audits; Back Taxes and other complex tax related issues.

Here is how we can help put extra cash in your pocket during the year. As a tax professional, all you have to do is sell our services to your client at a premium so you can generate more income.

In the event your client is audited or experience any IRS or State issue, you or your client will file a claim via our website or by calling us at 866-273-8550 and leave the rest up to us.

Audit Protection Services and your firm will sign agreements protecting your firm and protecting ours. We will NOT solicit your clients for future business. We serve only as a third party to provide your clients professional service with their tax issues. In return, you have satisfied clients while earning additional revenue for your business.

Our main goal is to satisfy the taxpayer and help tax professionals increase their bottom line.

Still not convinced? Please click on our Testimonials link to see how clients’ rated their experience with our company.


If you are interested in this opportunity, but need more information please contact our Sales Director TeQuarial A. Earl (T) directly at 972-656-9410 or tearl@yourauditprotection.com

This is a great opportunity to continue to grow your business and we look forward to speaking with you in detail about this great opportunity.


Here are some of the good things our clients have to say about us!

  "I am greatly shocked and surprised. I didn’t think I was getting a refund, but after dealing with Audit Protection Services, I received my check on 10/19/12. All smiles for Audit Protection Services. Great services at APS. Best place to go to if you get audited…"
– B. Crosby

  "They got me my check! All in one great service and job well done. A company of their word! Professional, friendly and overall a good service."
– K. Johnson

  "They are efficient, thorough, and very informative. They always knew the status of my audit. They saved me thousands of dollars and I would recommend APS to everyone. Go APS!!! "
– T. Earl