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About UsAudit Protection Services, Inc. is a service warranty company that provides taxpayers with unlimited professional support in the event their tax return is subjected to an IRS or State audit. This process also helps increase the profits and revenues of Tax Professionals by offering attractive incentives and rebates for selling our service to their clients. If a taxpayer’s return is audited, Audit Protection Services will provide them with a qualified person, not an attorney, to represent them before the tax authority should such entity question the accuracy of their return.

Audit Protection Services, Inc. was derived from a very successful family oriented accounting and tax preparation firm. We noticed an increase in our audit cases and the rise in request for the continued family type atmosphere of our one on one special attention. To satisfy this demand; a separate entity was formed to meet the needs of taxpayers and tax professionals all across the country, thus, Audit Protection Services, Inc. was formed.

Our reputation is built on integrity and efficiency with over 45 years of combined experience in IRS and State Representation. Our employees consist of prior IRS agents, Enrolled Agents (EA) and CPAs. This dedication allows us to stay current with all the new tax laws. We are dedicated to providing tax payers, small businesses and tax professionals with the most thorough up to date service.

We get guaranteed results with a fraction of the cost. The main goal is to satisfy the taxpayer and help tax professionals increase their bottom line. Our company is different from our competitors, we care, and we have the experience and passion to help taxpayers eliminate the stress of their tax issues; for a peace of mind.

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Here are some of the good things our clients have to say about us!

  "I am greatly shocked and surprised. I didn’t think I was getting a refund, but after dealing with Audit Protection Services, I received my check on 10/19/12. All smiles for Audit Protection Services. Great services at APS. Best place to go to if you get audited…"
– B. Crosby

  "They got me my check! All in one great service and job well done. A company of their word! Professional, friendly and overall a good service."
– K. Johnson

  "They are efficient, thorough, and very informative. They always knew the status of my audit. They saved me thousands of dollars and I would recommend APS to everyone. Go APS!!! "
– T. Earl